Loan for student housing – practical advice

Pursuant to the law, before granting a mortgage, the bank is required to provide detailed information on all costs related to the possibility of crediting. From October 22, 2017, each offer must have the APRC (Actual Annual Interest Rate). When considering choosing the right mortgage, you should check the various offers in the given loan

Know Your Debt Level: Why Is It Important?

Want to take a vacation in Europe, buy your first condominium, or just make an unexpected purchase? In short, you have new projects in mind; but before getting a loan, have you thought about checking your debt ratio? Few people do it, and yet it is important to know this parameter before considering applying for

How to get money at the end of the month

For many people, unfortunately, reaching the end of the month becomes a challenge … And, 49% of Spaniards lacked savings within the family during 2012 (72% being the family it is made up of 6 members) according to a study highlighted by Good finance that we already mentioned in another article. There are numerous ways

Pay back or save? – Consumer Loans

You get a consumer credit at the bank almost in wait. It is a quick solution that can hurt you for years. The bank on consumer credit can earn a decent and you have to pay. What would happen if you exchanged consumer credit for saving? The result may surprise you. Consumption loans are not

How To Choose The Best Payday Loan Company

Despite popular opinion, not all payday loan companies are the same. In fact, this is far from the truth. As with most consumer or mortgage types of loans, you should take the time to consider the benefits and disadvantages of the loan product on offer. Each lender offers products that have both positive and negative